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As my website evolves I would like to be able to share with you my knowledge , tips and experiences that I have gained along the way. I hope you will find inspiration and ideas within my website. If you’re curious about any images or how they were taken please reach out to me and I will be happy to answer all of your questions!

My Journey in photography began in a very unusual way. I bought my first DSLR camera for the sole purpose of taking pictures of the night sky and all it’s treasures. Back in 2013, someone had introduced me to some of the most amazing objects in the night sky that could only be seen by photographing them. Of course I just had to take a shot at this type of imaging and became obsessed with how it was done.

I bought my first serious telescope then not knowing what I would need but only knowing what I wanted to do. Well after a very steep learning curve full of victories and disappointments I started finding my way around the equipment . During this journey I began shooting sunrises, sunsets, moon rises, moon sets and various moon phases, constellations, odd cloud formations and more. This led me to diving deeper into the full spectrum of deep sky astrophotography where all of those amazing galaxies and nebulas reside. I was obsessed with this type of imaging over the next 4-5 years.

As I got better with my techniques some of my images were starting to appear in newspapers , magazines web pages and more. Before I knew it I was hosting an astrophotography workshop in conjunction with a major Canadian astronomy magazine and did this for 8 months. Who would have thought an interest in a hobby like this would take me to such a place.....unreal!!

Fast forward to the Fall of 2019. I had a chance encounter with a wildlife photographer who was taking photos at a local lagoon while I was there. We struck up a conversation about cameras, animals and what he was doing every weekend during the spring through late fall. Well before I knew it he had offered me an opportunity to go on the Kennebecasis River with him in his boat to take some wildlife photography. Now it's a Saturday morning ritual starting in the spring and right through to the fall spending many hours on the river taking photos of nature and wildlife that I never thought possible.

In the last few years I have developed this insatiable interest in portraiture and more specifically creating scenes from various time periods. I will go on a treasure hunt for authentic props anywhere I can to find them as each one sparks an idea for a scene I want to create in my small home studio. It’s there that I get to meet amazing people that I’ll photograph in these scenes and eventually I’ll shoot their portraits. This by far is the biggest benefit as not only is my photography taking different directions but I also meet amazing new people that I can now call my friends.

Take a look around the site and I hope you find something that inspires you to try something new......you just may make some new friends along the way.

Paul Owen Photography New Brunswick

I am a member of the Saint John Astronomy Club, I chair the Star Party Committee for RASC NB, I am part of a YouTube show: The Sunday Night Astronomy Show and have put on numerous workshops relating to astrophotography.

My images have appeared in Sky news Magazine, Telegraph Journal, and have received many requests to use my images for organizations.


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